What is Live or Alive about?


And welcome.

Many of us are searching for answers. Sometimes we don’t even know the questions. This often means we answer the questions that society throws at us.

If we are answering the questions that society throws at us, then are we living the life that society wants us to live.

This is living. But what if there was a way you could live a life that YOU wanted to live? This, is being ALIVE.

I am not a well renowned motivational speaker. Nor am I an expert in human pyschology. But I am a human.

And just like you, I face the same dilemma’s the stresses, worries, concerns, pain and sometimes even happiness.

Follow me on my life journey of real life examples that you can relate to. Then what my outcome is….eeeek! These are real everyday situations – I would give you examples but I don’t know yet what they will be…

I would love to hear your comments if you can relate to them. More interestingly what you did or what you would have done in those situations. Or just what your opinion is.

The deeper point of all of this is, can we help each other. Can we improve? Can we learn? Can we experience life? Can we then find our purpose not as a human race but as an individual person – your contribution to this world. And through that, can we go from living our lives to being ALIVE. Everyday. Always.



5 thoughts on “What is Live or Alive about?”

  1. Hi! So far, I like what I have read. I am heading to bed after a long day of settling in from last nights trip in from New Mexico. I will read more…

    It would be great to chat more about Vancouver also. Email me when you can.

  2. hey there. good to know that you’re questioning things around you. I’m sure we all do so at one point or the other. The important thing is to have the realization while we can still do something about it and before the parts stop working. Enjoy the ride.

  3. It’s Venus from Charlotte by way of New York. Your wale watching side kick who is a Licensed Clinician. I’m finally getting a chance to catch up on things and follow up on your card. Look me up on Psychology Today. Thank you both for welcoming me and taking the time to genuinely connect. Hope to connect with your in LA in the future. Chat Soon and Best Regards,


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